We had our last class today, great course(I´ll upload my course review later).

Time to show yall our Project(Saul, Alex and I).

3.9m ohm resistor.jpg
Click on it to get the code


Our program is basically a resistance calculator, in which you type the color of your resistance and it´ll give you the value of it in Ohms and its tolerance. Giving you even the option to change the units to KiloOhms or MegaOhms.

Sin título.png
Quick view of the program

For showing the list of colors we made an external text file. (colores.txt)[click on it to get it] and don´t forget to put it in the same folder in Cygwin.

For the 4 bands, this will help you understand how resistances work.


So instead of using like 837373 conditionals, we reviewed our C# courses, in whice we used the cases, better known as “Swich”, so we made a swich for each band.

We write the operations to get the value of the resistance and the tolerance(just multiplications and divisions) and we add some conditionals to change the units in order to fullfit the user requirements.


Working on this project was kinda easy, we used an external file to see the values of the numbers, we used loops, cases and we also added a new feature, COLOR.

To add color to your code here you have a link Ken shared with me, there are just like 8 colors but it still helps.


Easy to work with friends, to have more time for our other projects we made this one like 2-3 weeks ago.

Good luck again in finals.

Like always, a nice song:




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