#WSQ12 Word appearances

It took me way to much time to get this WSQ right, it´s still very confusing the changes between one language and another and even also between iOS, Linux and Windows.

First of all I definitely invite you all to check Orlando´s blog, thanks to his post I get my code right. Here´s Orlando´s blog. He´s the only one who made the counter way better by counting the word in a whole string line, not just reading one by line(I had my program working like this but I realized its not very functional to only read a word and skip the rest of the line. So Alex I think you should fix yours)

Important thing if you´re thinking in just copy Orlando´s code, it will only work if you have a Mac, why? Because windows need an important thing you can read here “Why I cannot just copy others codes :(? 

Here´s a small caption of how you must write the “c_str()” in your code:


Its essential to have your text file in the same folder as your program. I won´t say more here´my code will be bellow just click on RICK ASTLEY and you will end up on my GitHub.



Newsss about the project, as you know I´m working with Saul and Alex on a resistance calculator in which the user types the colors of the lines of the resistance and we will return him the value of it, the tolerance and also the option to change the units between ohms, kiloohms and megaohms. We almost done everything, we´re working on a few details and when we get it we will post it on the IMT facebook page so you all can use it. 🙂








Have a great weekend everybody!



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