#QUIZ06 Euclidian Algorithm

One week later is way better than never, instructions of the Quiz are here.

Summing the instructions we should create a code which receives two numbers or parameters from the user, then in a function print the biggest denominator that divides both numbers.

10330240_1045265532201362_6669094908167145769_n.jpg Clic on the amazed monkey for more information about the Euclidian Algorithm

                           [CODE on cygwin]

Once you understand the logic of the problem, its pretty easy to solve, you will only need a 4 lines function + the main part of the code.

jenfjejeAs you can see you only need to link two values to the function whose are the first and second value that the user typed.

Sin knceejdf.png

Here is the proccess using the two numbers of the Ken example´s page. 270 & 192.

Its was a good challenge, to improve our knowledge, I didn´t know what a Euclidian Algorithm was so it was interesting, and I think useful.

As Always, Random Stuff at the end[+Great song]

Yall love science(or Im just guessing) and for the same reason you´ll love this video

And a lovely song, of Alt J, Enjoy! And have a great holiday!



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